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Spike Dudley returned to wrestling for a good cause

According to the indispensable, invaluable Cagematch, Spike Dudley hasn’t wrestled a match since December 2015.

What would get him back in the ring almost eight years later? Well, we’d have to hear it from the man himself. But we think it’s safe to assume one of his reasons for teaming with Teddy Goodz & Little Mean Kathleen against Aaron Rourke, LSG & Ava Everett at LIVE Pro Wrestling’s Whaling Cuty Rumble show in New Bedford, Massachusetts is because the show is associated with Cojo’s Toy World’s Holiday Toy Drive. CoJo’s is co-owned by Spike trainee Goodz, and he did a meet-and-greet for their inaugural Toy Drive last year.

This year, the seven-time WWE Hardcore champion got in the ring and reminded everybody he’s tough S.O.B.

In addition to WWF/E, Spike (whose real name is Matt Hyson) also wrestled in ECW & TNA. The runt of the Dudley litter was often paired up with his “brothers” Bubba Ray & D-Von, but he also had singles success in those feds and on the indies before retiring as a full-time performer.

This probably doesn’t signal a full-time return. In addition to his ties to Goodz and the charity aspect, Dudley lives in New England and probably didn’t have to travel far to make this show. But it looks like he enjoyed himself. Who would complain about more Spike appearances on the indies?

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