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Hangman Page jumped Swerve Strickland at an indie show ahead of AEW Full Gear

On Wednesday’s Dynamite, Hangman Adam Page and Swerve Strickland got some mic time to address their Texas Death Match at Full Gear on Saturday night. Understandably fired up about how Strickland and his Mogul Embassy associate Prince Nana invaded his house a few weeks back, Page did all the talking. Hangman brought up Swerve’s WWE release, his failed engagement, and how Nana procures his marijuana.

What he couldn’t do was put his hands on Strickland. Had the two men gotten physical during the segment, they both would have been suspended for the rest of the year and their PPV match would have been called off. So Hangman cut his promo, then kicked Nana’s ass.

He also followed Swerve & the Prince to Wrestling Revolver Unreal last night (Nov. 16).

Strickland was asking the crowd what weapons he should use on Page at Full Gear when the Anxious Millennial Cowboy jumped him from behind. Security separated them before they could give away too much of what AEW will be selling tomorrow night.

Hangman then got a little more time on the stick. He used it to vow to kick Swerve’s ass wherever he could — in the parking lot, at Wrestling Revolver shows, and especially at Full Gear. In general, Page wanted to get across the point that Strickland’s a dead man.

Seems like a good point to get across ahead of a Texas Death Match. You excited for it?

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