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It’s been a tough week for Southern California indie wrestling (UPDATED)

PWG’s YouTube

Influential Southern California-based independent promotion Pro Wrestling Guerrilla has only held three events this year: the two-night Battle of Los Angeles tournament in January, and August’s Mystery Vortex. Over the weekend Super Dragon — who owns PWG along with AEW’s Excalibur — revealed the heart-wrenching reason why.

Via the company’s official Twitter/X account, Super Dragon shared:

I know a lot of you have been wondering what is going on with PWG and why there haven’t been many events this year. My girlfriend has been very sick and battling an aggressive cancer since earlier this year. It’s been incredibly difficult for me to focus on anything else.

Recently things took a turn for the worse, and I need to take some time away from wrestling. There will be no more PWG events this year. We will return as soon as possible in 2024. Thank you for all your support.

When the promotion that helped launch the careers of Kevin Owens, Adam Cole, and many, many more does come back, they’ll need a new home. Since leaving the American Legion Post in Reseda, California it ran out of for most of the decade in 2018, PWG is one of several indies putting on shows at Los Angeles’ Globe Theatre. But yesterday (Nov. 14), Prestige Wrestling announced their upcoming event with Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling will be moving after the Globe informed them it’s closing immediately:

No word on why the building, which has been in existence since 1913, is shutting down. While the news most immediately impacts Prestige and its Dec. 14 Combat Princess USA event, the Globe has also hosted WrestleCon, New Japan & Impact shows in recent years.

Here’s hoping promotions can find a cost-effective, audience-friendly alternative in the area. Much more importantly, please join us in sending support to Super Dragon’s girlfriend and those that love her.

UPDATE: Good news, at least on the Globe Theatre front. Prestige posted an update, saying not only will Combat Princess USA emanate from the venue, but they’ve been told the Globe will “remain open for years to come”.

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