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Seems Ronda Rousey: Indie Wrestler could be a real thing that’s happening

On Thursday night (Oct. 26), Ronda Rousey wrestled her first-ever pro wrestling match in a company other than WWE.

It seemed like a fun one-off. Before signing with WWE, Rousey would often attend independent shows in her native Southern California. With a little training under her belt and one of her friends on the card, we didn’t take her jumping in the ring to team with Marina Shafir as a sign of things to come.

Now it looks like it could be just the start of something. After sharing the news of her Lucha VaVOOM match, Ronda teased an appearance at a Pro Wrestling Revolver show next month in Los Angeles. Sure enough, a short time ago the promotion announced she’ll be on their Nov. 16 card...

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer indicated this could become a semi-regular occurrence for the UFC Hall of Famer and three-time WWE Women’s champion:

“I think she wants to team with Marina, and maybe there’s something there. She’s a free agent, she can do what she wants. Now she’s doing it for fun. It’s in LA. She doesn’t have to travel. She likes hanging out with Marina.”

Could it lead to Rousey rediscovering some of the love for wrestling she seemed to lose during her time with WWE? If so, and a company was willing to meet her booking fee and scheduling requirements, where else might she be willing to wrestle down the line?

Stay tuned.

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