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Mox’s GCW World title run might be coming to an end


Jon Moxley has been GCW World champion for almost a year, having beaten Matt Cardona for the belt last September. His run in the independent promotion has been entertaining for Moxley & Game Changer Wrestling fans, while giving Mox’s detractors more bloody, plunder-filled matches to use in their arguments he’s not worthy of being considered one of the business’ biggest stars.

This past Saturday night (Aug. 13), Mox defended the title for a sixth time. His win over Effy at night one of GCW’s Homecoming event in Atlantic City wasn’t a deathmatch, or even particularly bloody. Moxley did get a little color though, natch... and planted a few kisses on his opponent en route to a win via DDT.

It was what happened afterward which very well may be signaling the end of his GCW World title run. Mox was confronted by Nick Gage. The leader of the MDK gang wants a another shot at the title (a long build between the two old CZW rivals paid off when Moxley successfully defended against Gage in a Deathmatch last October), but the champ wants him to put his career on the line to get one.

Gage accepted, and the stage is set for a World title match. No date has been set.

The King of Ultraviolence is 41 years old. He’s appeared only sparingly this year — his last match for GCW was back in March — and has mused about the end of his career:

So Moxley could send Gage off to retirement. But while he’s reportedly had his issues with GCW owner Bret Lauderdale, if he’s going to continue working for anyone, it will likely be GCW.

He was back on Sunday for Homecoming night two. Gage attacked another old nemesis, taking his signature pizza cutter to Cardona’s head as the Long Islander was renewing his wedding vows with Chelsea Green.

Sure seems like a way to restart the feud between two of the promotion’s biggest names in the possible event Moxley’s decided to start working fewer dates.

We’ll know for sure soon enough.

In other notable news from Atlantic City, The Briscoes regained the GCW Tag belts. After beating Los Macizos for them, Jay & Mark were confronted by Second Gear Crew’s Mance Warner & Matt Justice. The next night, John Wayne Murdoch & Alex Colon called their shot after beating Los Macizos, and were interrupted by BUSSY pleading their case. A multi-team tilt seems imminent.

And to the ecstasy of simps everywhere, Maki Itoh made her GCW debut!

I’d tell you what she did, but does that even matter? Okay, okay... she beat Dark Sheik, and sang at the Cardona’s vows ceremony.

Happy now?

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