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Michael Elgin responds to reports of his arrest in Japan

Michael Elgin missed a NOAH show on July 10 and it was unclear exactly why until a report started making the rounds yesterday that he was arrested in Japan. Cassidy Haynes, who reported on the story for, claimed Elgin was arrested for stealing protein powder and was still in jail. What’s more, Haynes noted he’s facing up to five years in jail but could avoid that by doing something along the lines of Matt Sydal, who was arrested in Japan in 2016 and secured his release on condition he never return to the country.

Elgin has responded to these reports in a pair of tweets disputing some of these claims:

It’s worth noting he doesn’t say he wasn’t arrested, just that many of the details in the initial report are inaccurate. Later still, he attempted to prove he was indeed on a plane bound for Canada as he stated with a photo:

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