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Control Your Narrative announces 24 city fall tour

Control Your Narrative — the start-up promotion from EC3 and Adam Scherr (fka Braun Strowman) — got off to a bit of a bumpy start. For several weeks earlier this year, it felt like the company’s every move was rejected or ridiculed by the online fanbase most independent promotions thrive off of.

Booking Austin Aires, a name many know from Ring of Honor, Impact & WWE, but whose reputation also includes being an anti-vaccination advocate (and stories of questionable conduct in the ring and in the locker room) was part of it. There was also the perception that EC3 was at best joking or at worst using about alt-right references while promoting his new venture. A promised television deal underwhelmed, and the rules & presentation CYN was using to differentiate itself were seen as goofy instead of cool.

They’ve pulled off a handful of “The Awakening” shows this year, though. Those are available on the free streaming app Pro Wrestling TV. CYN has a couple co-promoted events with North Carolina indie AML on the calendar for the end of this month. And now Scherr has announced a 24 city tour for this fall:

We’ll see if CYN can change the narrative about their company before this tour kicks off in San Antonio on Oct. 13. If nothing else, it’s a sign Scherr & EC3 have the capital and/or backers to give this thing a go despite their rocky start.

Will you be checking out CYN if they swing through your city later this year?

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