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Paige’s first post-WWE booking teases her return to the ring

Saraya will be back with her family’s promotion in October for what they’re calling her ‘return

Paige informed the world about her impending exit from WWE recently, a move she says wasn’t her call.

The departure of the first-ever NXT Women’s champion, and harbinger of the Divas Evolution/Women’s Revolution on the main roster, would have normally been a much bigger story. This month, it barely had time to make a ripple in between huge news like Jeff Hardy’s latest DUI and the WWE Board’s investigation into alleged misconduct by Vince McMahon.

But one of the things it seems like it could be leading to would be bigger news. That’s a return to the ring, something Paige — now going by her real first name Saraya — has said she’s working towards. It’s also something her first post-WWE booking teases.

Saraya will be back in her family’s UK independent promotion, World Association of Wrestling (WAW) this October in Norfolk, England. And she’s apparently “stepping back into” the ring, but it might be in a role other than “wrestler” (the end of her WWE run included stints as a kayfabe talent manager and brand general manager)...

The 29 year old hasn’t wrestled since 2017, when during her comeback from neck surgery a house show tag match had to be stopped when she lost feeling in her extremities after taking a kick from Sasha Banks.

Rumors and speculation about her working the Royal Rumble in recent years indicates a lot of fans are interested in seeing Saraya return to the ring. We’ll see if that’s in the cards with WAW, or some other booking after her WWE expires on July 7.

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