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Scary missed spot led to Jack Evans being pulled from Slammiversary

Former AEW wrestler Jack Evans was scheduled to compete for Impact last night (June 19) in Slammiversary’s Ultimate X match for the X Division title*. Shortly before that show started, however, the promotion announced he was out due to an injury:

What happened?

Well, the night before at Game Changer Wrestling’s You Wouldn’t Understand show in New York City, Evans had a match against Ninja Mack. He went for one of his signature spots, the 630º senton. He didn’t manage to complete the last 90º worth rotation however, and since Mack rolled out of the way, the back of Jack’s neck looks to take all the impact.

While you can see Mack try to move Evans in the aftermath of the spot (likely having not seen the impact while performing his own part of the spot and assuming his opponent was selling), they did go to the finish shortly after that clip cuts off so officials could check on Jack. There’s no update on his condition beyond Impact’s tweet, but hopefully he’s okay after a landing that could have left him in much worse shape.

* Speedball Mike Bailey won the X-Division title at Slammiversary. Full results are here.

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