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Joey Janela set his foot on fire for a spot, needed help putting it out

Don’t try this at home, kids. No seriously. Folks of all ages. Never — EVER — try this at home.

In the main event of Game Changer Wrestling’s appropriately titled Maniac show on Saturday night (May 21) in Los Angeles, Joey Janela faced Drew Parker in a deathmatch. During that, Janela doused his right boot in lighter fluid and set it on fire. He used that foot to superkick Parker, but then struggled to get the fire to go out.

Water bottles were thrown to the referee, who tried to extinguish the flames while the Bad Boy attempted to remove his boot. Eventually, the combination of water and a towel put out the fire.

Janela limped around for a bit afterwards, but continued. The former AEW wrestler put over Parker via pinfall after taking a swanton bomb off a ladder while under a door covered in barbed wire.

Don’t try that at home, either.

Janela had some fun with his hot foot moment online after the show.

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