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Maria Kanellis-Bennett’s Women’s Wrestling Army announces its first show

Just this week, Maria Kanellis-Bennett teased a new project. It seemed pretty clear that Women’s Wrestling Army would be a promotion of some sort, and we already have confirmation of that thanks to an announcement of their first live show on May 1.

We’ll still keep that “of some sort” qualifier on the description of Women’s Wrestling Army, though. Some googling, and this article from Bell to Belles, tells us more about the show. Co-promoted with Women’s Wrestling Revolution Plus (WWR+) and Beyond Wrestling, the event is called Hit ‘Em Up Style, and boasts the following card:

- Willow Nightingale vs. Jordan Blade
- Jody Threat vs. Davienne
- Alisha Edwards vs. Kayla Sparks
- Administration (Damian Adams & Pedro Dones) vs. Outfielders (Shea McCoy & Weber Hatfield)
- Tiara James vs. JC Storm
- Tina San Antonio vs. Trish Adora
- Ashley D’Amboise vs. Little Mean Kathleen
- Hardcore Geeks (Kennedi Copeland & Riley Shepard) vs. Artsy Fartsy (Edith Surreal & Erica Leigh)

Beyond owner Drew Cordeiro hinted at some more details, and Maria then shared that we’d learn more via a press release next week.

A “progressive concept” that aims to improve things for women’s wrestlers sounds exciting, and in line with what Kanellis-Bennett’s been working toward everywhere she’s been for the last several years.

Stay tuned, and get your tickets to the WWA’s first show here.

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