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Maria Kanellis is creating a Women’s Wrestling Army

Maria Kanellis posted the following video on Twitter, teasing an upcoming project:

“The journey, it’s a thousand seemingly insignificant decisions. It’s the wrong turns, the dead ends, the climb, the process, the successes, and the failures. It’s the word ‘no.’ The next ‘no.’ A million beating drums inside your mind that say ‘no’. A hated word, ‘diva,’ that defined your career. Can you, small-town girl, diva, turn that ‘no’ into a simple, but almost unattainable word, ‘yes’?

Yes, you can transition from small-town girl turned diva, to manager, mother, producer, to produce change, changing ever so slightly to keep up with my less experienced contemporaries. To remain relevant with them, to create opportunities for them. Crafting a craft that is in the position with the possibility to overturn or overtake an industry with professional wrestling. What’s next? CEO. BOD.

Let’s create an army, a women’s wrestling army.”

There is a reference to “upcoming shows and events” over at Maria’s linked Women’s Wrestling Army (WWA) web site.

Does anybody want to take a guess as to what Maria Kanellis is talking about here? Is WWA already more successful than whatever the hell EC3 and the former Braun Strowman are trying to do with CYN?

Let us know what you think in the comments below, Cagesiders.

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