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GCW had Effy & Allie dethrone Briscoes on Saturday, multiple wrestlers miss Sunday

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It was an eventful weekend for Game Changer Wrestling in California.

Their Paranoid show on Saturday night (April 9) in Los Angeles saw The Briscoes second run with the GCW Tag titles come to an end just nine days after they won the belts back. The popular BUSSY team of Effy & Allie Katch claimed the belts in after the kind of violent affair we expect from Brett Lauderdale’s promotion.

If you’re asking yourself, “what’s BUSSY mean?” I’ll just warn you not to Google it at work. Effy explains it to Brandon Walker in as clean as possible fashion here, but I’d still recommend ear buds.

Anyway... here’s the rest of the results from Paranoid:

- Joey Janela def. Gringo Loco

- AJ Gray def. Kevin Blackwood

- Chris Bey def. Jack Cartwheel

- Dark Sheik def. Jimmy Lloyd, Jordan Oliver, Lucas Riley, B-Boy & Damian Drake in a Scramble Match

- BUSSY (Allie Katch & EFFY) def. The Briscoes (c) to win the GCW Tag Team championship

- Chris Dickinson def. Masha Slamovich

- ACH def. Nick Wayne

- Minoru Suzuki def. Blake Christian

The news from Sunday’s Devil In A New Dress show in San Francisco was more about what didn’t happen. Bandido was a no show, and Lauderdale & Joey Janela both called him out for not getting on the plane despite a GCW-paid for ticket. The former ROH and current PWG World champ later tweeted an apology.

Effy replaced Bandido as Nick Wayne’s opponent, one of several changes to the card. Gringo Loco was advertised by did not appear; Wrestling Observer says GCW didn’t respond to their request for comment about his absence.

Jacob Fatu and Biff Busick missed the show, but GCW did say those were due to travel difficulties. Busick’s scheduled opponent, Masha Slamovich, took on Gringo Loco’s, Jimmy Lloyd.

Promotion for Devil in a New Dress also implied that Effy’s feud with Jeff Jarrett would continue, with the new Tag champ issuing a challenge to Double-J to appear. He did not and Effy’s invitation wasn’t mentioned, although it’s not clear why.

Here are the here’s the rest of the results from Devil in a New Dress:

- EFFY def. Nick Wayne

- Jordan Oliver def. Jack Cartwheel

- Allie Katch def. Kidd Bandit

- Masha Slamovich def. Jimmy Lloyd

- Titus Alexander def. Midas Kreed

- SGC (Mance Warner, Matthew Justice & AJ Gray) def. South Pacific Savages (Juicy Finau & Journey Fatu) and D-Rogue

- Dark Sheik def. Joey Janela

- Minoru Suzuki def. Speedball Mike Bailey

Both shows are available on demand via FITE.

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