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EC3 & Adam Scherr’s promotion announces their TV deal

As we approach Control Your Narrative’s first live show this weekend in Orlando, EC3 and Adam Scherr (fka Braun Strowman)’s new promotion has been a hot topic on the wrestle web.

That’s largely been because — while EC3 has dismissed notions the company is funded by figures from the political right, telling Fightful Select’s Sean Ross Sapp they’re inspired by Fight Club rather than QAnon — CYN’s marketing strategy thus far seems to be based on owning the libs.

At times, this has come across as ironic, like when EC3 announced that VIP ticket buyers will get access to a “Rant Room” where they can say whatever they want to wrestlers without consequence.

But mostly, it’s felt like they’re thumbing their noses at members of the wrestling community who’ve taken issue with things like the allegations of sexually inappropriate behavior against CYN talent Austin Aries, or that former ROH & WWE star’s controversial opinions on topics like vaccinations.

But, in the cryptic, word salad-y way EC3’s made his trademark, we’ve been told CYN will be a big deal. Last month they promised they’d be bringing their worked-shoot cinematic storytelling to television. And today (Mar. 2), they revealed their TV home...

There’s not much information out there about “Pro Wrestling TV”. Their Instagram account consists of three posts, none of which tells us more than EC3’s announcement post. It’s possible they’ll do what they say and launch a streaming app and linear channel next month. Will it work well? Be easy to find? And will wrestling fans put in that effort — for sincere or hate watching purposes?

Let us know what you make about Control Your Narrative thus far. General admission tickets for Saturday’s show are sold out, but you can still get into the Rant Room.

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