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Thunder Rosa rips fans making disrespectful, racist comments during her match with Athena

On Saturday night (Feb. 12), Thunder Rosa faced Athena at Warrior Wrestling’s show in Cicero, Illinois.

The return of the wrestler formerly known as Ember Moon to the ring — and for a 30 minute draw with a legit badass like Rosa that sounds like it was pretty kick ass — should be the story. Unfortunately, because of what was reportedly a handful of jerks making disrespectful, racist comments, the story is something else.

It did give us another example of Thunder Rosa being a badass, though.

After the match, the AEW star got on the microphone and let the jerks have a piece of her mind:

“I wanna tell everybody that’s been talking shit about what we do today, here, have some respect for these women that are putting their lives in danger here! To the idiot that was saying bad stuff about us, you don’t have no right to talk about us like that. We’re just like one of the boys in the back. If you come to a show and you’re being disrespectful to the athletes, you have no right to be here.”

Booing and generally jeering is one thing. It’s a performance people pay to see, and that comes with the territory. But there’s no call for getting personal, and there shouldn’t be any tolerance for sexism and racism.

Shout out to Rosa for making that clear.

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