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Return of the Dragon live results: Ricky Steamboat & FTR vs. Jay Lethal, Brock Anderson, & mystery partner

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Ricky Steamboat returns to the ring at Big Time Wrestling’s Return of the Dragon event on Sunday night (Nov. 27). “The Dragon” will strut his stuff alongside FTR in trios competition against Jay Lethal, Brock Anderson, and a mystery partner.

Big Time Wrestling

Return of the Dragon emanates from Dorton Arena in Raleigh, NC. The show kicks off at 5 pm ET and will be available for streaming through Fite TV (here). Big Time Wrestling is also offering that show as part of a three-pack bundle (here).

Join us for updates and have fun chatting in the open thread.


Joe Dombrowski and Shane Douglas handled commentary for the show from Dorton Arena in Raleigh, NC. The connection for Douglas is as a former tag team champion with Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat.

The pre-show featured entrances for Jimmy Valiant’s Boogie Jam Invitational Battle Royal. The Boogie Woogie Man himself cut a promo to hype the crowd. Stan Lee interrupted, so Valiant blinded him with crotch thrusts, goozled his package, executed a lip lock, and performed an oil check to poke the keister. Tommy “Wildfire” Rich helped Valiant escort Lee to the back.

Douglas left the commentary table to join the battle royal. His target was Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer punched Douglas off the apron, so back to commentary he went. Scott Steiner arrived fashionably late to enter the battle royal.

Return of the Dragon PPV

Jimmy Valiant’s Boogie Jam Invitational Battle Royal won by Scott Steiner. The PPV broadcast began in the start of the battle royal. Steiner tossed out ham-and-eggers left and right to quickly clear the ring. The final three were Steiner, Tommy Dreamer, and Mercurio from the NWA. As Dreamer was eliminating a contestant, Mercurio dumped Dreamer from behind. Steiner did the same to Mercurio for victory.

Steiner continued his warpath punching whoever was around, including a referee. Dreamer grabbed the mic to thank the fans for respecting the men and women who paved the way in the business. He put over the Steiner Brothers as revolutionizing the wrestling industry. Dreamer hollered, if you heard him. Steiner added a message to close. The Big Bad Booty Daddy thanked his freaks in Raleigh.

A proper introduction aired for Big Time Wrestling’s Return of the Dragon

Bret Hart had a message welcoming us to the show. He couldn’t think of a better way to cap off Thanksgiving weekend than watching FTR and Steamboat. Very few wrestlers carried himself with class and dignity like Steamboat did. Hart is confident that Steamboat will do a great job.

Matt Hardy defeated Crowbar. Percival was ringside as Crowbar’s associate. The first heavy move was Crowbar suplexing Hardy onto a guardrail hanging off the apron. Crowbar followed for a slingshot crossbody on top of Hardy. Hardy rallied for a superplex and Side Effect. Crowbar escaped a Twist of Fate to regain control. After a super hurricanrana failed to finish Hardy, Percival slid in a chair. As Crowbar wound up with the foreign object, the referee took the chair away. Hardy capitalized on the hullabaloo for a Twist of Fate to win.

Nikita Koloff has no doubt Steamboat will tear the house down. Earl Hebner would love to be in the ring for Steamboat’s match, but he doesn’t has the gas left to do it. Tatanka thanked Steamboat for passing on his expertise in training. Eric Bischoff couldn’t be happier at Steamboat defying the odds, defying gravity, and now defying age.

NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship: Kerry Morton retained against Brian Pillman Jr. Pillman worked heel, even though, he received cheers. Morton rallied with a neckbreaker and quick-strike offense. Pillman ducked Morton’s running knee finisher to counter for a roll-up grabbing the tights. Morton kicked out. Pillman continued with a jackhammer suplex. Morton kicked out again. Pillman picked up Morton using a straitjacket grip. Morton reversed the position to toss Pillman on the mat. Morton exploded for a jumping knee strike to win. Afterward, Morton offered a handshake of sportsmanship. Pillman blatantly kicked him in the groin, hit a straitjacket maneuver, and flipped off the crowd.

The Briscoes were annoyed at the idea that the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express will survive their match to fight again. The Briscoes aim to put the heads of Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson on their wall as decoration pieces.

Big Time Wrestling Championship: “Dreamcrusher” Danny Miles retained against “Neon Ninja” Facade. Miles issued an open challenge. Teddy Long came out as special commissioner to do his little dance. He was honored to be part of the Steamboat show. Long introduced Facade as the surprise opponent. Dani Mo joined as valet. Miles executed rugged offense, while Facade was flashy in style. Facade rallied for a Burning Hammer DDT. Kick out by Miles. The champ picked up steam for a fireman’s carry gutbuster. Kick out by Facade. Miles grabbed the title belt with bad intentions. Mo snatched it away and hit a whirling DDT. Facade connected on a coast-to-coast dropkick. Miles was able to place his foot on the bottom rope for a break on the cover. Facade now held the title belt debating whether to use it. The referee stepped in to confiscate the foreign object. As the ref’s back was turned, Miles clobbered Facade with a spray paint can. Miles finished with a package piledriver for victory.

Mr. TA made several dubious claims, such as inventing the Cobra Clutch. Sgt. Slaughter came through the curtain at the mention of that lie. Sarge ducked a punch and slapped on the Cobra Clutch.

The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express have made history at Dorton Arena. They were bad to the bone winning championships. As for the Briscoes’ threats, it’s not their decision to put Rock ‘N’ Roll Express out to pasture. Morton and Gibson will decide on their own when their time is done. They plan to send the Briscoes back to the chicken farm with their tails between their legs.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Express defeated Briscoes. Mark Briscoe grabbed a mic to proclaim it will be a funeral for Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson. He got the crowd booing hard. Enter the beloved babyfaces for the bout. RNR controlled early by outsmarting the Briscoes with tag team tactics. The Briscoes gained the upper hand with dirty tricks as they gouged Morton in the face. When Jay Briscoe lifted Morton for a body slam, he swung Morton’s legs to accidentally collide with the referee. Ref down! Mark grabbed a chair as Jay held Morton. Mark swung, Morton escaped, and Jay was clobbered. Jay’s head was stuck through the seat of the chair. Morton pounced for a flipping pileriver on Mark to win.

Sean Waltman wished Steamboat an amazing match. Tully Blanchard put over Steamboat as deserving of the spotlight. Johnny B. Badd is proud of Steamboat. Jake “The Snake” Roberts wished he could be there to kick Steamboat’s ass despite respect as one of the finest men walking the planet.

Savannah Evans defeated Amber Nova. Evans ventured over from Impact Wrestling. She used her power advantage to dominate. Nova rallied with agility and speed. Once Evans caught her again, it was over on a full nelson slam.

Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat & FTR defeated Jay Lethal, Brock Anderson, & Nick Aldis. Arn Anderson revealed Aldis as the mystery partner. The younger wrestlers did the bulk of the action to set up moments for Steamboat to shine. When Steamboat hit his signature arm drag, the crowd popped loud. At one point, Steamboat ran wild with knife edge chops. Lethal put Steamboat down with a pair of flying double axe handles. Lethal cinched tight a sleeper hold. Steamboat was fading. The referee checked the legend’s arm three times. Steamboat didn’t pass that test. The ref was reluctant to call for the bell, then Steamboat showed signs of life. He powered up to escape and tag in Dax Harwood. For the finish, the heroes set up triple figure-four leg locks on the heels for a triple tap-out victory. Steamboat thanked the fans to close the show. (Full details here.)

Very fun main event. If you are sweet on nostalgia wrestling, I think you’ll be satisfied with the Return of the Dragon.

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