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Moxley loses a title thanks to MJF’s stable on retainer

While WWE was doing their version of extreme on Saturday night (Oct. 8) in Philadelphia, Game Changer Wrestler was in Atlantic City doing theirs. Or as they like to call it, every show.

Night one of GCW’s Fight Club was headlined by the promotion’s World champion Jon Moxley defending against Nick Gage in a match where Gage’s career was on the line, too. While there was some doubt due to persistent rumors of Gage retiring and/or being on the outs with GCW, the stipulation — and Mox just re-upping for another five years at AEW that will also see him serve as a coach and mentor for Tony Khan’s roster — kind of telegraphed the outcome. But how we got there was unexpected.

The match itself was standard GCW fare. Light tubes, barbed wire, and Gage’s trusty pizza slicer did a number on both men. But when Moxley seemed to be in control after sending Gage through a plate of glass and hitting him with Death Rider, Stokely Hathaway & W. Morrissey of AEW stable The Firm showed up.

In addition to that chokeslam from the seven footer, Morrissey also gave Moxley one onto a another plate of glass wrapped in barbed wire before exiting. He kicked out when Gage covered him after that, but couldn’t after three piledrivers and a chokebreaker. Nick F’n Gage won the GCW title for a third time, and staves off retirement for another day.

Afterward, the new champ and much of the GCW locker room showed their respect for Mox. But when Gage blamed “that other bullshit company” for Moxley not being able to wrestle for GCW anymore, the AEW World champ replied that he was going to wrestle wherever he wanted.

We’ll see if that means more GCW dates in Moxley’s future, or if his nearly two year run with the promotion is over. We’ll also see how The Firm’s actions play into the AEW World title story, where the man who keeps Hathaway & company on retainer, Maxwell Jacob Friedman, has a guaranteed shot for the belt.

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