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Mox saves GCW from Cardona, gets Deathmatch with Gage

The former Zack Ryder’s reign of terror over GCW is over. In its place, the indie is getting back to a match they were building to before Matt Cardona arrived to sports entertain all over the place.

Cardona, who won the GCW championship in July, introduced a John Cena-esque version of the belt last week in advance of GCW’s The Art of War Games show.

At the show in Hoffman Estates, Illinois’ Grand Sports Arena last night (Sept. 4), Cardona issued an open challenge. After cutting a promo on “the GCW Universe”...

The champ brought out his hand-picked opponent... Frank The Clown. He dispatched that threat pretty easily, and when G-Raver came out with an entourage of hooded figures - an old Cardona trick.

The champ fought most of them off, but one remained. He hit the Paradigm Shift (something else Cardona’s done in GCW), revealed himself, and made the cover...

Jon Moxley is the GCW champ!

We weren’t done yet, scripted fight fans. Nick Gage, who competed in a War Games match earlier, then appeared to rekindle his rivalry with Mox. That went about how you’d think, and we’re finally getting a Nick F’n Gage vs. Jon Moxley Deathmatch on Oct. 9 in Atlantic City.

Moxley will be back in action tonight at All Out, when The GCW champ faces Satoshi Kojima.

Sad to see Cardona’s troll job end? F’n ready for Mox vs. Gage?

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