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PWG makes a smart choice for their return show

We already told you that Southern California’s beloved and influential independent promotion Pro Wrestling Guerrilla is making its post-pandemic comeback this summer.

PWG’s announcement of that didn’t include much in the way of details, however. We knew it would be Sun., August 1, and we presumed it would take place at their new Los Angeles home base, the Globe Theatre. But that was it.

Last night (July 5), the company revealed some more information... but not much more. That’s because PWG’s return show will be Mystery Vortex 7.

The gimmick behind Mystery Vortex is that PWG doesn’t announce much, if anything, about the card in advance. For 2019’s Mystery Vortex VI, they revealed there would be an anything goes “Guerrilla Warfare” match, but not who would be in it (it ended up being Joey Janela and Darby Allin).

Why do I say Mystery Vortex is a smart gimmick for PWG’s return? Pent-up demand for the coolest indie will ensure a sellout, so they don’t need names to move tickets. Given AEW’s ties to PWG, Tony Khan’s liberal policy towards his roster taking outside bookings (even before The Forbidden Door opened), and the number of free agents WWE’s released into the market this year, speculation about who will show up to do what is free marketing for PWG - before and during the show.

Unless they’ve changed their business model, Mystery Vortex 7 won’t stream or be available as a pay-per-view. But if they get the wrestling internet - PWG’s core audience - worked into a frenzy about the show, they’ll sell a lot of DVDs.

They’ll also create a lot of demand for whatever comes after the Aug. 1 show - likely their Battle of Los Angeles tournament weekend. They’ll have some twists and turns planned for BOLA. They always do. But with the company’s storylines and talent pool updated after their first show in almost two years, their chance to run a card full of surprises will have passed.

Which makes next month the perfect time for this show.

Excited to step into the Mystery Vortex?

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