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Nick Gage’s latest surprise attacker isn’t exactly a deathmatch legend

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photo by @NickKarpPhotos, via Matt Cardona’s Twitter

If Nick F’n Gage is wrestling at a GCW show, we’ve come to expect an appearance by Jon Moxley.

The two have been working their way toward a deathmatch collision for some time now, including brawls at the WrestleMania weekend rSpring Break show and last month at Draft Day.

So given that this past weekend GCW was celebrating all things deathmatch and the King of Ultra Violence, it seemed like a logical place for Mox to show up. And when a hooded figure hit the ring at the end of Zombie Walk yesterday (June 6), we figured it was going to be the IWGP United States champion - especially when he started doing the Moxley wiggle™, then hit Gage with a Paradigm Shift.

Wasn’t Mox though. Instead it was noted hardcore specialist... Matt “Zack Ryder” Cardona?

This isn’t completely out of left field. Gage and Cardona have been setting up an angle on social media since the Major Wrestling Figure podcast host promoted some merch he made that repurposed one of the GCW World champ’s catchphrases:

For those unaware, Detolf is an Ikea model glass cabinet nerds obsessives collectors’ like Cardona use to display their prize possessions. It’s also something I expect Gage to throw the Long Island Iced Z through before this is all said and done.

Gage had invited Cardona to show up at Saturday’s Tournament of Survival show. Instead, he pulled the Moxley impersonation on Sunday.

We’ll see what happens next. But after Cardona posed with the belt to a mix of cheers and boos, this definitely isn’t over.

Order Tournament of Survival on FITE here, and Zombie Walk here.