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Nick F’n Gage crashed a toy podcast to MDK Matt Cardona

The year’s unlikeliest - but also awesomeist - feud continued yesterday (June 11) at a live taping of Matt Cardona & Bryan Myers’ Major Wrestling Figure Podcast at Jimmy’s Famous Seafood in Baltimore.

After Cardona (fka Zack Ryder) impersonated Jon Moxley to attack GCW Champ Nick Gage last weekend, the King of Ultraviolence was not pleased. So he headed to the Mid-Atlantic to beat up the King of the Nerds. And it didn’t take long for that to turn into an official announcement for the match I didn’t know I wanted a month ago but now can’t wait to see...

If ever a tweet deserved the all-caps treatment, it’s Nick F’n Gage being thrown out of a toy podcast for trying to kill The Long Island Iced Z.

Cardona vs. Gage will be the latter’s title, but doesn’t seem to be a deathmatch proper. I’m still beating toy boy gets thrown through a collector’s case, though.

This showdown for the ages happens on Sat., July 24 at Homecoming, Part 1 at The Showboat in Atlantic City. Tickets are on sale here.

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