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PWG announces its first show in almost two years

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Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, the venerable Southern California promotion that’s inspired a passionate fanbase and helped launch numerous wrestlers on to runs in WWE & AEW without ever televising or streaming a show, will return this summer.

They announced as much on Twitter last night (June 10):

A lot has changed since “The Makings of a Varsity Athlete” back on Dec. 20, 2019. One guy prominently featured on that card (David Starr) is out of wrestling as a result of last summer’s #SpeakingOut movement. Four, including the reigning PWG Tag champs, are in NXT (Blake Christian, Jake Atlas and the black-and-gold brand’s current Tag titleholders, The Rascalz/MSK) and won’t be available for Aug. 1 in Los Angeles.

Several are featured in New Japan, Ring of Honor & AEW, but that shouldn’t prevent them from appearing at L.A.’s Globe Theatre in two months. One of those is current PWG champ Bandido, who broke the record for longest title reign during the company’s COVID hiatus.

So we’ll see what the card looks like, and what name PWG gives to the show. They had planned “KOBE” for last March before the world shutdown, but may opt for something else given how much time has past since the iconic Laker’s death in January of 2020.

We’ll let you know. You let us know if you’re excited to have PWG back on the wrestling landscape.