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Jon Moxley & Nick Gage brawled around Vegas this weekend

All of this is great, but Renee’s reaction is the best.

When last we checked in on the Jon Moxley “F*** Paternity Leave” tour of the indies, he followed up suffering his first Bloodsport loss by showing up to challenge new GCW champion, and Dark Side of the Ring subject Nick Gage to a deathmatch.

Mox then spent the next month or so focusing on New Japan and AEW business. But right now he’s got at least a few weeks before he and Eddie Kingston likely challenge The Young Bucks for the All Elite Tag titles at Double or Nothing on May 30. Seeing as GCW was in his native Las Vegas for their Draft Day event on Saturday night, he decided to pay the King of Ultraviolence a visit... the only way you really can pay a future deathmatch opponent a visit.

By marching in and starting to swing.

As things will do after a start like that between dudes like Jon f’n Moxley and Nick f’n Gage, the action spilled out of the ring, and continued past the end of the show.

Still no word on when an actual match will happen, but we’ve got to be getting close to it. GCW did just announce that “Deathmatch Season” starts on June 5

Lets check in with Mrs. Mox, shall we?

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