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Barnett finally got to bloody up Moxley at Bloodsport

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Chris Grasso

It’s a showdown we’ve been anticipating since the artist formerly known as Dean Ambrose’s WWE contract expired back in 2019. It was delayed twice - once by a staph infection, and once by the pandemic - but it finally happened last night (April 8).

Jon “Death Rider” Moxley. Josh “Warmaster” Barnett. Bloodsport.

While the delays were frustrating for all involved, it worked out quite well from a story perspective. Moxley was able to pick up a couple wins in the worked shoot hybrid MMA promotion, including one in February against “the toughest out in Bloodsport”, Davey Boy Smith Jr. Then for WrestleMania week, he went up against the final boss.

It did not end in victory for our guy Mox. But looks like the sick S.O.B. had fun.

Barnett won with a Death Valley Bomb, then repeated kicks to Moxley’s face until the referee called it a TKO win for the guy with his name on the marquee. The guy “people paid to see” then got on the stick to put over the whole affair.

Renee Paquette’s husband will probably be taking some paternity leave soon, so a rematch might have to wait a while. But who knows with Mox? He might kiss the wife as soon as they bring the baby home, then head out for a deathmatch and be back in time for supper.

You can order a replay of Bloodsport 6 here.

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