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Mox spent his anniversary lining up his next deathmatch

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In case it wasn’t clear, challenging Nick F’n Gage before heading home to the love of his life confirms it. Jon Moxley is living his best life.


Why wasn’t Jon Moxley on AEW’s first house show last night (April 9)?

He was probably back in Vegas celebrating his anniversary with the very pregnant love of his life, right?

Nah, that’s not the dude Renee Paquette fell in love with. The handsome son of a gun she thinks is the absolute shit was in Tampa waiting for the main event of GCW’s rSpring Break (fka Joey Janela’s Spring Break 5) to end. Mox wasn’t going to miss a chance to challenge new GCW champion Nick Gage.

The King of Ultraviolence had just beat RIcky Shane Page for the belt (and spray painted it “MDK”, natch) when his fellow CZW alum showed up.

It went about how you’d expect between the Death Rider and the hardcore legend...

And it seems to be heading toward Mox’s next deathmatch.

So for those of you playing “is Jon Moxley living his best life?” He finally got to go to war with Josh Barnett at Bloodsport on Thursday, hit Nick F’n Gage with his finisher onto some light tubes on Friday, and now is presumably going home to a badass chick who’s having his baby.

I mean, we know he’s not showing up at WrestleMania.