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The build to a tag wrestling dream match has begun

You can’t get excited about Ring of Honor’s upcoming hiatus. Whatever you thought of their recent product, it could be the end of the line for a promotion that played an important role in pro wrestling history, and it’s definitely resulted in a lot of talented folks losing a steady paycheck.

But some doors open when others close, and in a several cases for ROH wrestlers, one of those doors may be a forbidden one. We’ve already seen Jay Lethal sign with AEW, and rumors say names like Matt Taven and Jonathan Gresham have been at least visiting Tony Khan’s company. Now we’re seeing former AEW Tag champs turning up the heat on a potential program with a legendary team that just a few months ago seemed unlikely to ever work for a company other than Ring of Honor.

I’m talking, of course, about Dem Boys - The Briscoes*.

As Jay & Mark prepare for life after ROH, FTR have started taking some shots, including an offer to buy The Briscoes some “real” ring gear. The chicken farmers decided they’d had enough, and returned fire with a VERY NSFW (and requiring ear muffs for the young ‘uns) Twitter video:

Damn. Stellar work from both of Papa Briscoe’s sons there**.

A match or feud between Jay & Mark and Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler wouldn’t necessarily have to take place in AEW. The Briscoes are the current GCW Tag champs, and FTR hold the AAA belts (pending their defense against Lucha Bros at Triplemania Regia tonight, that is), so there are lots of places this throw down could go down.

If TK’s as smart as a lot of us think he is, though, he’ll make sure it happens in his fed. No matter.

As Jay says, no more of this Twitter BS. PULL UP BABY!

* One of the reasons Dem Boys looked like ROH lifers was because the hateful, ignorant views Jay espoused publicly in the past meant no one else would hire him. On that matter I can only hope that wrestlers like Effy being willing to work with him, and people like Ian Riccaboni vouching for him truly means he’s a changed person.

** I’ve long been on record that Mark is my favorite Briscoe, but sitting on the tailgate and sipping a Capri Sun while his brother drops bombs makes me love him more than I already thought was possible.

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