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Nixon Newell (fka Tegan Nox) wants to wrestle everyone... and Eddie Kingston

Nixon Newell’s Instagram

Some of you youngsters might not remember this, but there was a time when we really only had one big nationally televised pro wrestling company*. So when a wrestler left WWE, speculation wasn’t on if or when they would sign with AEW. It was on what their career on the independents would look like.

Cody Rhodes secured his release from WWE on May 22, 2016. Days later he tweeted out a photograph of his indie “to do list”. The birth of All Elite Wrestling can probably be traced to that now famous pic. It definitely spawned a lot of similar tweets and Instagram posts in the years that followed.

Nixon Newell, who prior to her WWE release fans knew as Tegan Nox, is the latest to offer one. While I’m far from alone in hoping Newell eventually does land in AEW so it’s easy to see her wrestle, her dream match list looks like a ton of fun, too. It’s very inclusive, too!

Nixon Newell’s Twitter

Is “Evieeryone” a battle royal situation involving Dakota Kai? I don’t know, but I’m intrigued. I definitely popped for Eddie Kingston getting a special addendum...

What do you think of Nixon’s list? Anyone else from that “Everyone” you think the Girl With The Shiniest Wizard should target when her non-compete is up?

* No disrespect to Impact, but they moved channels a lot in the 2010s and often to networks that were in a lot fewer homes than AXS. Ring of Honor was in syndication and available in a lot of markets, but not everywhere, and pre-Honor Club streaming service, not at the same time for everyone.

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