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How to get Johnny Gargano to show up on your preferred wrestling show

Johnny Gargano’s Instagram

Taking full advantage of life without a WWE contract, Johnny Gargano returned to Twitch yesterday (Dec. 14). He told us he would, and while he was online, he also told us the secret to getting him to use his free agency to show up in your favorite wrestling promotion.

“The ‘Johnny Wresting’ chants — they mean the world to me. And if you chant ‘Johnny Wrestling’ somewhere loud enough, you never know what could happen. I could show up anywhere at this point. That’s real. I’m free to do whatever I want. So if someone wants to see me bad enough? The ‘Johnny Wrestling’ chants come in? I’ll hear ‘em. I watch everything, so you never know.”

So get out there and get chanting AEW, GCW, NWA, and/or Impact fans? Now that you know you’d be wasting your breath chanting “KILL STEEN KILL”, what else do you have to chant?

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