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Free agent Johnny Gargano reopens merch store, promises new Twitch content

Johnny Gargano is a free agent. Everybody says so. The weeklong extension he signed with WWE after his contract expired on Dec. 3 was up at midnight, so Johnny Wrestling does not currently work for Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

Now, we’re all waiting to see what he does next — and especially if he follows in Jon Moxley’s footsteps of getting a big farewell from The ‘E before showing up in AEW.

In the meantime, we now know one thing Gargano is doing with his newfound freedom. Like any member of the Wrestling family in good standing, Johnny is selling merch!

As the above tweet indicates, he’s making liberal use of a line from his NXT farewell(?) promo last Tuesday: “You will never fail if you bet on yourself.” Several of the new designs* in Gargano’s Pro Wrestling Tees store use part of that quote.

That’s not the only way he’s betting on himself, either. He’s also doing a little something WWE frowns upon...

So if you want to wager on Johnny G, or remind yourself to shoot your shot, head over to PWT and get a shirt. If you want to see him TakeOver Twitch, turn on notifications for his channel.

We’ll let you know where Gargano places that bet as soon as we know.

* There’s a boatload of old ones, too.

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