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Paul Heyman comments on Malakai Black & Buddy Matthews’ post-WWE success

Wrestlecade’s Twitter

Bak when he was the Executive Director of Raw, there were a number of talents Paul Heyman was said to be high on.

His advocating (pun semi-intended) for acts like AOP, Liv Morgan, and Ricochet didn’t amount to much during his time in managing WWE’s red brand, because no matter what title the company gives someone, there’s always one person that can veto any idea or plan. But that doesn’t mean Heyman ever stopped believing in the potential of the wrestlers he wanted to use on Monday nights.

How do we know? The man himself shouted out New Japan’s Buddy Matthews (fka Buddy Murphy) and AEW’s Malakai Black (who back when he was Aleister Black, Heyman is rumored to have pushed as the man to dethrone WWE champion Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 36). His comments came after Matthews tagged him in a tweet with a picture of the main event of Saturday night’s Wrestlecade show in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

This is the second time in recent weeks that Heyman, who now works for Vince McMahon as a SmackDown talent, hasn’t let “promotional boundaries” get in the way of his comments on the wrestling world outside of WWE. Prior to Survivor Series, he expressed his gratitude that AEW is a “viable entity”.

By the way, Black defeated Matthews to close out Nov. 27’s event at the Benton Convention Center.

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