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AJ Lee returns to pro wrestling with WOW

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WOW - Women of Wrestling held a press conference tonight (Oct. 6), shortly after ET had an exclusive report about the Jeanie Buss-owned promotion relaunching in partnership with CBSViacom.

The show relaunching in September 2022 in syndication on CBS affiliates (with their library available on CW Seed and Pluto TV platforms starting in December of this year) will have a major name on the creative and production side.

April Mendez, better known to WWE fans as AJ Lee, will presumably not be wrestling. As her husband CM Punk recently reminded us, that probably wouldn’t be great for her health. But Mendez has focused on writing for a wide variety of outlets since her retirement from the ring, and having her involved in shaping an all women’s promotion is a pretty exciting prospect.

WOW was represented by its last champion The Beast and the highly touted, and highly controversial, Tessa Blanchard at the press conference.

We’ll figure out the details later (UPDATE: some of them are here). For now, how excited are you to have AJ back in the wrestling world?