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Kylie Rae cancels upcoming bookings to focus on her mental health

NWA’s Twitter

Over the past couple of years, former AEW and Impact talent Kylie Rae (real name Brianna Sparrey) has been exceedingly forthcoming about the mental health struggles which led to her leaving those televised promotions.

Lately, Kylie’s returned to the independent scene where she rose to fame. Things seemed to be going well, and she’d begun working with the NWA. She had dates lined up with Billy Corgan’s promotion and others for the next couple of weekends. Unfortunately, Kylie announced this morning that she’s been struggling again of late, and removed herself from those shows in order to focus on her mental health.

Whatever the future holds for Kylie, her willingness to share her story is admirable. Someone, somewhere hopefully knows that they’re not alone in facing a similar struggle because of her openness.

Here’s hoping she finds some happiness and peace for Brianna Sparrey the human being - whether or not “Kylie Rae: Pro Wrestler” is part of how that comes for her.

If you or anyone you know is dealing with or has questions about mental illness, you can find more information and resources here.

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