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Mojo Rawley teases signing with ‘a certain three-letter company out there’

One wrestler we haven’t heard all that much from since his release from WWE is Mojo Rawley, who was last seen with a bit part in the movie Snake Eyes that released back in July. He’s kept busy in the meantime, though, as he recently announced a new gig with TMZ:

That doesn’t mean he’s done with pro wrestling, however, as he told The Dan Le Batard Show that he’ll be signing with someone come Monday (transcription via Wrestling Inc):

“Well, it’s coming, we’re working some things. Actually, I can tell you, come Monday I will be making a major announcement centered around my signing with a certain three-letter company out there. I’ll keep you all posted. [Laughs] Who knows what it’s gonna be. I guess y’all have to see on Monday.

“I want to get back in the ring as soon as possible. I’m just doing some other things first, taking advantage this free agency period. It’s kinda — grow myself and my brand every way that I can in ways that I haven’t been able to while I was under a WWE, or even an NFL contract.”

There are obvious implications here, all of which are designed to build hype for the announcement itself. We’ll pass word along just as soon as he does.

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