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AJ Lee says she is healed and could technically wrestle for WOW

Last week gave us the surprising and exciting news that AJ Lee is returning to pro wrestling with Women of Wrestling (WOW). Further details about her role with the promotion include color commentary duties. However, the former WWE Divas champion won’t be an active wrestler on the roster.

During an interview on The Hot Tag with WOW Wrestling’s Izzy, AJ was of course asked about a potential return to the ring one day. She reiterated a past answer about never saying never, but she also added that her body is healed and she could wrestle under the right circumstances:

“Physically, mentally, emotionally, I am healed from everything I’ve gone through in wrestling. I could technically do it, but I am so enjoying letting the next generation have their spotlight. I got to do everything I wanted to do. So it really would have to be, is that challenge there? I don’t think the girls need me there. I think that they are going to take over the world all by themself.”

AJ’s husband, CM Punk, has repeatedly cited her bad neck as a primary reason why it wouldn’t make sense for AJ to return to the ring. It would be foolish for me to doubt Punk’s words, but her answer here at least makes it seem more plausible that she could one day return to the ring, even if it’s something she isn’t interested in at the moment.

Do you think AJ will eventually wrestle a match for WOW?

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