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David Arquette’s wrestling redemption gets the documentary treatment

In 2018, former WCW champion David Arquette announced he was returning to professional wrestling.

Since Ready To Rumble led to a brief title run during WCW’s last days, Arquette’s name was used as a punchline at best or a curse at worst by folks on all sides of the wrestling business. So he started training with Peter Avalon (in his pre-Librarian days) and embarked on a tour of the independents to prove... something.

That quest, which most famously involved a near tragic Death Match with Nick Gage in Los Angeles, is the subject of the new movie, You Can Not Kill David Arquette.

A new trailer for the film, which hits drive-ins on Aug. 21 before going on sale via streaming platforms a week later, just dropped today.

Directed by David Darg & Price James, the film features appearances Arquette’s famous sisters Rosanna and Patricia, his ex-wife Courtney Cox, and fellow wrestling legends Ric Flair and Diamond Dallas Page.

I’m gonna check it out. You ready to rumble?

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