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Longtime Chikara talents & trainers leave promotion in response to abuse allegations

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Last week, independent promotion Chikara announced they’d removed Anthony Wilson - who wrestled for the Philadelphia-based company as Kobald - from their roster due to multiple allegations leveled against him as part of the #SpeakingOut movement.

This week, stories came out about two other prominent figures at the company, including one of its most decorated stars Icarus (real name Ronald Grams) and founder & head trainer Mike Quackenbush (real name Michael Spillane).

Neither man has commented, but three Chikara stalwarts have announced they’re leaving the company as a result of the mounting claims against others associated with the promotion. That includes Chikara original & assistant trainer Hallowicked, and longtime roster members Frightmare & Jacob Hammermeier. Hammermeier also runs a wrestling school which had operated under the Chikara name.

The #SpeakingOut stories come after Chikara started the year by parting ways with Rory Gulak over “allegations of misconduct”.

Quackenbush has been a guest trainer for WWE at their Orlando Performance Center. Neither Icarus nor Quackenbush have responded to the allegations.