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Saraya Knight responds to abuse allegations, says she’s leaving wrestling

“Fighting With My Family” UK Premiere - VIP Arrivals Photo by Dave J Hogan/Dave Hogan/Getty Images

As part of the #SpeakingOut movement, a number of women who worked with and/or were trained by the Knight family - and specifically Saraya Knight (real name Julia Hamer) - shared stories of being subjected to a variety of abusive behavior.

Retired wrestler Charlie Morgan (real name Yasmine Lander) followed the tweet below with a longer, more detailed statement sent to the website Bell to Belles which was co-signed by Hannah Holmes, Alice Smith, and Ayesha Raymond.

In response, Hamer - a fixture on U.S. indies like Shimmer & Shine in addition to promotions she runs with husband Ricky Knight in the United Kingdom, who is the mother of WWE’s Paige, and whose family has been featured in the Channel 4 documentary and the Dwayne Johnson produced biopic Fighting With My Family - posted the following statement on Facebook:

So for the last 3 days I have sat wondering what exactly is needed to satisfy this bloodthirsty hunt, my life, you want me to die? You think by pushing buttons I am going to lie there and just take it.Firstly, I refute any statements regarding kissing a minor, thats fucking sick and if norfolk police wants to come and chat to me about it, i fucking welcome it. Where was the parents during this apparent act! 10 years old at a show alone? I dont think so! I hope you have good lawyers. I will welcome ANY police enquiry into this matter. I absolutely deny this!!!!!

Yasmin we were talking up to April this year, why didn’t you say, you came to my gym just before lockdown during training, cuddled me, you and Alice came in, in front of 30 people!! I dont get it!

Ayesha, we didn’t get on, we fought hard, you gave as good as you got, you didn’t back down, we argued like equals. As far as I am concerned, you are entitled to whatever opinion you have of me, you were no shrinking violet.

Alice, I am shocked, I have always loved you. This has hurt bad.

In fact everyone that has written something, no matter whether true or false, right or wrong has had plenty of time to approach me. Why wait all this time?

I will be stepping away with immediate effect, i will be deleting all social media, you can attack me via, I will be happy to forward everyones point of view to my solicitor, im sure as you can see the business will be in great hands. And for every ying there is a yang, i know that this now is going to crescendo, but its ok, there are 2 sides to every story remember that.

Thankyou for 30 years, i am done, i cannot believe that I am being attacked in this fucking insane way, i am walking away because I am heartbroken not because I’m being forced to. I cannot stomach even being around wrestling. I have got fuck all to hide, i have done fuck all to warrant this, i train hard!! I have trained everywhere, made more of my money in training than wrestling, i am such a bad teacher! You girls can fucking go thats no coincide! I cannot accept this. And I won’t. I am seeking legal advice. Any allegations now please forward to norfolk police!!!!

Paige has not commented on the allegations or her mother’s response. Prior to Lander’s statements, she’d tweeted in support of #SpeakingOut.

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