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The Revival never wanted to be called The Revolt anyway

Dax Harwood’s Twitter

Shortly after the tag team formerly known as The Revival rolled out their new post-WWE names and logo, word went around that another North Carolina-based act was not happy with Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood. It seemed Caleb Konley & Zane Riley have been calling their tag team “The Revolt” since about 2015.

According to documents PWInsider acquired, Konley & Riley had more than just heat for Dax & Cash. On May 10, Andrew Gerber, a lawyer representing the duo, sent a cease & desist letter to the Harwood & Wheeler’s representative, Michael E. Dockins. The letter says that Konley & Riley have a pre-existing relationship with their fellow North Carolinians and tried to reach out personally after a trademark filing for “Fear The Revolt” was submitted by the ex-WWE wrestlers, but were “rebuffed”:

“They cannot steal their former friends’ intellectual property without consequence. Their conduct is not only unlawful, it is truly shameless that they would willfully steal a name from those that worked so hard to build it up.”

In responding, Dax & Cash’s lawyer more or less say fka The Revival didn’t know Konley & Riley that well. And they never intended to call themselves The Revolt in the first place:

“There are a number of fundamental errors and flaws in not only what your clients have represented to you, but also in the allegations you have levied in your letter. First and foremost while our respective clients were acquaintances with one your clients and aware of his participation in the wrestling business, they are able and willing to testify under oath that they were not aware of and, at worst, have not recollection of ever knowing of your clients’ claimed rights in a REVOLT-inclusive trademark.

“Secondly, our clients do not intend and have never intended to call themselves FEAR THE REVOLT. They have at all times and in every way made it clear that their tag team name would be FTR, and that FTR can and would mean different things depending on their storyline and creative. They are not responsible for and cannot be held responsible for dirt sheets and others incorrectly attributing to them a name other than the name they have chosen, FTR. In fact, when your client reached out to my clients ‘as friends’ to resolve this matter they were informed that the tag team name is, was, and will be FTR and not REVOLT or THE REVOLT or FEAR THE REVOLT.”

Dockins also writes that the attempt to reach out by Konley & Riley involved an attempt to disparage his clients on social media. As such, FTR’s past offers to work with The Revolt or even help them with trademark fees for their team name are now off the table. He also intimates that attempting to follow up on the cease and desist will be very costly for Konley & Riley, and that any amicable resolution at this point will need to involve a public apology from The Revolt.

Good thing they don’t have the same team name, right?


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