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Erick Rowan’s got a new name for his post-WWE career

Erick Rowan’s taken the high road when it comes to his WWE release, which came along with the company cutting and furloughing dozens of people back on April 15.

Now it’s time to get back to work, though. And since Rowan wasn’t his real name (it’s Joseph Ruud), that means he needs a new nomme de guerre.

He’s revealed his new name on Twitter and in his Pro Wrestling Tees store.

Say hello to Erick Redbeard!

The store has some pretty cool designs, too. Ranging from the kind of creepiness you’d expect from a dude with Norwegian roots that’s into death metal...

Pro Wrestling Tees

... to one that has fun with all the different gimmicks he handled during his time with WWE...

Pro Wrestling Tees

What do y’all think of Erick Redbeard?

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