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The Revival reveal new name & logo, tease next move

Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler making moves!

Even before they were finally released by WWE, we’d heard a lot about various trademarks filed by the tag team formerly known as The Revival. Those led to speculation about what the duo - now working as Dax Harwood (formerly Scott Dawson) & Cash Wheeler (fka Dash Wilder) - would call themselves wherever they landed next.

In a flurry of social media activity over the last 24 hours, we suddenly have a lot of answers.

This video posted this morning (April 21) provides several:

Looks like the team name will indeed be The Revolt, and (regardless of what The Young Bucks might tell you) #FTR stands for Fear The Revolt.

Harwood tweeted the logo separately so you can get a better look at it:

As for where the Top Guys might wrestle next? Cash’s Twitter activity provides some clues (and seems to confirm the validity of those ridiculous comedy act pitches we shared on Cageside yesterday)...

(AEW wasn’t really saying “hi” to Wheeler, but it’s still a smart quote-tweet)

So, what do you think of The Revolt? The various moves they’re hinting at making? Say yeah, or nay, below.

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