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Congratulations to ODB

ODB is back in business with bammin’ slammin’ BBQ.

Bad news struck ODB last September when she found out her food truck had burned down. ODB spent three years building her business.

That story took a positive turn when the wrestling community rallied around ODB to help raise funds for a new food truck. Impact Wrestling donated the proceeds of a TV taping to help ODB.

The assistance paid off as OBD unveiled her new food truck. ODB’s Meat & Greet Food Truck Co. had its re-opening on Friday (Mar. 27) in Minnesota.

ODB also posted footage of her laying eyes on the new food truck for the first time. Her custom-made set-up has a table to rub lots of pork butt. Language warning.

Congratulations to ODB. May she thrive in the next chapter of her life.

Check out the food truck’s website for appearances in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Have any Cagesiders out there tasted ODB’s BBQ?

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