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Teddy Hart has been arrested for the third time this year

Teddy Hart has been arrested for the third time this year, and PWInsider reports that he has a court date tomorrow (Mar. 27) morning.

Hart’s first arrest came on Feb. 12, when he was charged with possession of a schedule III narcotic, and possession with intent to sell or distribute.

The second arrest came on Mar. 4 due to a violation of the terms of his house arrest from Feb. 12.

He’s now been arrested for a third time.

Ace Montana posted a video on Facebook today of a verbal altercation with Hart prior to the arrest. In the Facebook post and video, Montana accuses Hart of assaulting wrestler Maria Manic, and says the cops are coming to arrest him:

“I literally had to pull my gun on #Teddyhart and throw him out of my friends house. This piece of shit literally choked out and physically assaulted Maria Manic and would not let her get help. she texted me I’m in danger never ever did I think I would meet a piece of shit like this guy who has now been arrested with a felony against him. I don’t think this guy knew how close to death he was. #fuckyouteddyheart This video is me kick him out before the cops came and arrested him”

We’ll keep you updated on this story as new details emerge.

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