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Paul London as kung fu Elvis is as great as it sounds

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Paul London is the king of the jungle. If you cross his path, you take your own life in your hands.

London is best known from his time with WWE as a cruiserweight champ and three-time tag champ. Last I saw London, he was in Lucha Underground as part of the Rabbit Tribe. He ended up murdering his partners under orders from the White Rabbit.

Now, London has popped up in the role of kung fu Elvis in a Tiger Man film project. The plot sees Elvis, “trying to take down a global drug organization, who he also believes to be responsible for the death of martial arts legend Bruce Lee.”

Enjoy the proof of concept video. It is wild. The scene takes place on a rehearsal night in Las Vegas during 1971. Elvis (London) is confronted by two ruffians and forced to take care of business, baby.

Anything about Elvis doing kung fu will have my attention. This short does not disappoint. It has a gritty 70’s film vibe, tiger style fighting method, and culminates with a microphone stand double kick with his lady friend. Fantastic.

Add in this awesome movie poster, and I’m sold on wanting to watch a full length feature.

Tiger Man

Tiger Man is currently doing an Indiegogo campaign for finishing funds to complete the short film and use it as a selling tool for investors into a feature film.

What do you think about Paul London’s latest adventure? Is Tiger Man the type of movie you would pay to see in a theater?