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Moxley vs. Barnett in a worked MMA-style match? Sure, why not

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When Jon Moxley said he wanted to do ALL the stuff he couldn’t while he was working for WWE as Dean Ambrose, he wasn’t kidding around.

The Death Rider is currently getting good reviews for his work in New Japan’s G1 Climax . Next month, he’ll wrap that notoriously grueling tournament up, face Pentagon & CazXL for Northeast Wrestling, then head to All Out for his showdown with Kenny Omega.

Which will probably still give him time before All Elite’s television series starts on TNT. So what’s a lunatic to do? How about fight mixed martial artist & pro wrestler Josh Barnett in a hybrid MMA match?

Sounds about right.

As you can see in the trailer above, Gamechanger Wrestling announced Bloodsport 2 for Sat., Sept. 14 in Atlantic City, and Jon Moxley vs. Josh Barnett will headline the event.

This will be GCW’s third Bloodsport show, where worked matches are fought on a canvas with no ropes and can only be won by knockout or submission. Matt Riddle was the “host” and main eventer for the first one during WrestleMania week in 2018. Barnett’s name was attached to the one in New Jersey this past April, and he fought Minoru Suzuki to a time-limit draw in the main event.

Notable in retrospect - Mox and William Regal were spotted in the audience for that show on April 4.

Bloodsport 2 takes place at Showboat Atlantic City, Sept. 14 at 8PM. It will stream as an iPPV on Fite.TV.

Who’s watching? And what will Moxley get himself into next?