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MJF wants the Delta Air Lines CEO alone in a room after being stranded for 13 hours

It seems that MJF’s first time wrestling for AAA did not go as smoothly as planned. After losing his match in Mexico, he was stuck in the airport for 13 hours.

MJF tagged along with Cody Rhodes to represent AEW at an AAA show in Aguascalientes this past Thursday. It started out alright as the duo got a sweet pump in at Gold’s Gym in Aguascalientes. MJF also sent a message to the Mexican fans to remind them that he is better and they know it.

MJF and Rhodes wrestled Daga and Taurus. During their entrance, MJF flipped off the camera and the crowd. Using the thumb too is a total heel move, in my opinion.

Unfortunately for MJF, he took the loss after a double underhook facebuster from Daga.

MJF’s troubles didn’t end there. When trying to fly home, he got stuck in the airport for 13 hours. He proposed a solution that I don’t think Delta Air Lines will take him up on.

MJF finally landed saltier than ever before after such an arduous journey. That didn’t stop his other boss at MLW, Court Bauer, from cracking jokes.

That tweet wasn’t very Dynasty, bro.

It has been a rough day for wrestlers at airports. Bruce Prichard did not enjoy his TSA experience at La Guardia. Kevin Owens shared an aisle with lunatics.

Delta Air Lines took another bad hit when Chris Jericho tweeted his difficulties with them losing luggage containing diabetic supplies for his kids.

At least all these issues gave Lucha Underground pizza connoisseur Vinnie Massaro a new gimmick idea.

What have been your worst airport experiences?

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