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Moxley’s indie run now includes (checks notes) beating up nZo and CazXL

Jon Moxley made his triumphant return to the independent scene on Friday night. It was a match fans never really thought they’d get to see, at least before we learned Dean Ambrose was leaving WWE to set out on his own. The main event with Darby Allin at Northeast Wrestling (NEW)’s Brass City Brawl gave us a look at the rejuvenated Mox vs. a member of the new generation inspired by the work he’d done in places like CZW before signing with WWE.

For a follow-up, Moxley worked with... the wrestlers formerly known as Enzo Amore and Big Cass.


At NEW’s Six Flags Slam show on Saturday night (June 15), nZo and CazXL came out to thank the crowd... only to swerve into a heel promo. The seven-footer then issued an open challenge from the ring. Entering to the (probably unlicensed) strains of AC/DC, Mox strolled to the ring. nZo scattered, and we had a match:

After the expected shenanigans from the Realest Guys (or whatever they call themselves now - the ShooterZ or some such?) Mox had a dirty deeds for both nZo and Caz to end the segment right.

Despite spending time in FCW and on the main roster together, the three men never worked together much as Ambrose, Cass, and Amore. They probably won’t work together much as Moxley, Caz, and nZo, either. Mox is signed to AEW and working with New Japan, and Caz and nZo are... not signed to AEW or working with New Japan. It seems like whatever plans there were for them to work in Ring of Honor have been nixed, as well.

But, if there was a promotion where it would happen, NEW is the one. Saturday night’s show also featured Mick Foley, the Boogeyman, Booker T and Renee Young. Jerry Lawler’s a regular. Corey Graves and Kurt Angle are booked for NEW shows this summer.

And if the last few years of wrestling have taught us anything, it’s that stuff you never thought possible is possible. So maybe this is the start of a long rivalry between Mox and Caz.


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