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Kevin Kross made a killer short film out of his Thailand vacation with Scarlett Bordeaux

Killer Kross recently went on a vacation with Scarlett Bordeaux to Thailand.

They took in sights and activities, such as Wat Arun, playing with elephants, getting a tattoo from a monk, trying on brass knuckles, visiting Thapae Boxing Stadium, and riding horses on the beach.

Who would have thought that those pleasant images would turn into an analytical short film about, “A man’s internal struggle between his adopted philosophical ideals in stoicism vs his unwavering natural tendencies towards nihilism.”

Before we get to that though, it is important to understand what type of fellow Kross is to help with context of the film. For those not familiar with Kross, he currently works with AAA, Impact, and plays the White Rabbit in Lucha Underground. Kross operates as a menacing big man.

With a philosophical edge.

While also being able to dispense humorous advice.

Now that you have some exposure to Kross’ character, let’s get to his 11 minute short film, Memento Mori, about an introspective journey on if his only purpose in life is to conduct violence.

That was... interesting. The tone is definitely not going to appeal to everyone, but the scenery can be appreciated. It felt like an introduction to a badass action movie where Kross could be a dark hero or a descend into becoming a murderous sociopath.

There were plenty of quotes worth jotting down to examine. It presented the type of thoughts that can be analyzed and mean different things to different people. The closing line is a doozy. “Some men, they just don’t come back. Not because they can’t, but because, deep down, they don’t really want to.”

What did you think of Memento Mori? Which line was your favorite? Is wrestling better with characters like Kross or is he too dark for the world of sport?

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