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Joey Ryan reveals his future plans after a very Joey Ryan match

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As promised, Joey Ryan told the crowd at Bar Wrestling’s Pickle Jar Hero show last night (May 30) in Baldwin Park, California whether or not he’s signing with WWE or AEW.

But first, he lost to Priscilla Kelly in a main event which featured their infamous spot where Kelly vomits in Ryan’s trunks, this time followed by Joey sticking her head in his trunks and delivering a piledriver.

Alas, it wasn’t enough, as the 2018 Mae Young Classic entrant used one of Ryan’s own tricks against him, pulling a lollipop from her gear, and shoving it in his mouth before delivering a superkick which got her the 1 - 2 - 3.

Then came the promised news, and it was good for fans of matches like the above who were worried Ryan wouldn’t be able to do his thing in PG WWE or “sports-centric” AEW (also good news for haters of these types of antics who were worried they’d have to see a watered down version of them in NXT or on TNT).

Joey is staying independent.

Ryan has boasted about how much money he makes working indies in the past, so it’s not terribly surprising he’s opted, as he says in this video, to stay the big fish in his small pond.

It’s also clear he remains on good terms with All Elite. This show featured acts like Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus, Brandon Cutler and Peter Avalon. Bar Wrestling’s June event will have Sonny Kiss and Scorpio Sky. Ryan himself will probably continue to show up on Being The Elite.

But despite those “Farewell to the Indies Tour” shirts he was selling, Joey isn’t saying goodbye.

Relieved? Think he’s making a bad decision? Let us know below, Cagesiders.