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Silas Young thinks CM Punk crashed his indie show, but can’t say for sure

There are a lot of signs pointing to Phil “CM Punk” Brooks being the masked man who ran-in during a match at MKE Wrestling’s show in the West Allis, Wisconsin Knight of Columbus Hall last Friday night (April 19). We documented most of them here.

But because Punk himself hasn’t commented, and no photos have been produced of him at the event without a mask on... but mostly because this is pro wrestling we’re talking about... doubts persist as to whether or not the Second City Saint actually was the man who used a sloppy GTS to help Ace Steel beat Daryck St. Holmes.

Silas Young, who owns MKE, is almost certain it was Punk. But he never saw Steel’s savior without a mask on.

Here’s what Young told Bully Ray on Sirius XM’s Busted Open today:

“I mean, I gotta be 100% honest with you - there’s definitely some rumors going around that it was CM Punk. That’s a building where he kind of got his start at and shortly before that match, my wife came up to me cause she was one of the managers in that match, and she was like, ‘I heard Punk’s gonna do a run-in.’

And I was like, ‘Are you serious?’ And she said yeah, and it makes sense with the match being with Ace Steel, and having Dave Prazak involved, you know, those guys are long-time friends and they broke into the business, and I think Punk maybe had his first match in that building - a building that’s had wrestling for years. A lot of guys got their start there. And unfortunately it’s gonna be torn down early next month, so we were the last event there.

I think it’s one of those things where he just wanted to pay a little respect or a little homage - but I gotta be completely honest with you, he was never at the building beforehand, he wasn’t at the building after. He came and did the run-in in a mask and left in a mask, so I can’t even 100% say it was CM Punk but from what I was told, I don’t know why anyone would lie to me, you know what I mean?”

When even the promoter can’t say for sure, well... this debate is going to continue.

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