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Taya busted her face on a moonsault mishap

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Taya had a rough Friday night wrestling for PCW Ultra in the Los Angeles area. She teamed with her husband Johnny Ultra in a mixed tag bout against rival Tessa Blanchard and her main squeeze Daga. Unfortunately for Taya, she had a mishap while attempting a moonsault.

Taya is one tough cookie. She was planning on fulfilling her date for Uce Wrestling in Hawaii the next day. You can see the swelling as Taya joked she was Two-Face from Batman.

Taya’s trip to Hawaii had to be canceled after a visit to the x-ray machine. The good news was that there were no fractures, just massive swelling.

There’s no video yet of the incident, but there is a photo.

Geez. I know I’m an ass for laughing, but I can’t help it. The awkward positioning of Taya’s body and the referee’s reaction in the background make for an absurd image.

Taya’s Saturday wasn’t all bad though. She soothed her pain with some retail therapy.

Then she chowed down on Frankenstein’s lobster.

Best wishes to Taya so she can heal up and enjoy her Wrestlemania week to the fullest. Taya is currently scheduled to defend the Knockouts title against Rosemary, Jordynne Grace, and Katie Forbes on Impact’s United We Stand show and for a mixed tag match with husband Johnny against the Lucha Bros at Joey Ryan’s Penis Party. If Johnny is wrestling at Joey Ryan’s Penis Party, does that mean his name for the show will be Johnny Penis?